I’ve been writing since I was a little kid, and (unfortunately?) I still have a lot of that early work. I got serious about writing in college, majoring in Creative Writing and studying in an MFA Fiction Writing program for a year.

I’ve explored many creative fields, working as a photographer, graphic designer, writer, editor, and reviewer before becoming a librarian. In the not-so-creative realm, I have worked in a dry cleaner, a baseball training facility, and a mini golf park – that’s how you find the stories, right?

I am passionate about reading, writing, and photography, but I also love sharing that with others. I worked as an Activities Coordinator at a Learning Center for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and loved hosting a weekly read-along book club (that still continues to this day) as well as working one-on-one with them to help write and illustrate their own stories.

Go Coffee! Creative is my own personal creative outlet on the web, hopefully harnessing all these previously mentioned passions and more. This is a space to showcase my writing and photography, but to also highlight other creatives, especially with my upcoming podcast. Art is all about sharing the stories of your journey, and that’s where Go Coffee! Creative comes in.