Photo Challenge Update

My September Photo Challenge has been wonderful! There have only been 2 days where I wait until night and then realize I have to take a quick shot to not ruin my flow. Thankfully, playing with my Instax makes even boring photos more fun – a learning experience, at least.

I really enjoy taking a photo a day. Trying to see something in my everyday life that catch my attention enough for me to want to capture it back, to reflect on later. The days when I only take one obligatory photo are rare – perhaps just the 2 days I mentioned before. Usually I take several photographs, trying different angles, or seeing something else next to my original subject. Overall, it just feels really great to get back into photography. I think my obsession with my Instax will stick around for awhile, especially since I’m still learning with it, but I really feel like I’ve been growing.

Here are my photos thus far, as posted on Instagram. The one shot of the sky on my Nikon view screen is a cheapy – of course I took the “real” photos on my camera as the sun set and didn’t have time to upload the originals, with life in the way, as you know. So here is an original, a different photo but better, if you ask me.


Check them out on Instagram: @gocoffeecreative