Instant Exploration

I used to have a Polaroid camera, one that would spit out big square photos that developed slowly. But film got too expensive – a dollar or more per shot?! I’m not worth that. (I can’t afford that.)

I got the mini Polaroid camera that spat out the small rectangular photos that developed slowly. Film got more expensive, but I bought in bulk. Until the shelf was nudged and the camera fell and the back broke off and every remaining photo from the film cartridge was bright white.

I kept looking, though. I’d window shop online, take a detour to the camera section of a store. They still make the small rectangular Polaroid cameras. They have a new one that prints digital photos automatically; different from the old Polaroid in a way I can’t quite understand or explain.

I made the jump to get a Fujifilm mini instant camera. I have my upcoming photography exhibit in mind – the theme becoming more and more clear in my head as I take photos every so often. The Polaroid-type pictures are going to fit in perfectly, I think.

Also, I really just missed taking fun photos like that. I haven’t carried around a camera with me (phone excluded) for years. I miss it. I don’t miss the heft, necessarily, or having to be careful carting it around everywhere, but I miss having it at my fingertips when the light hits something in just the right way. I miss being able to make something beautiful in the way I capture it, spur of the moment, not seen and come back for later.

This camera will help me with that. I’m taking test shots now, with a goal of having 10 good photos (one film cartridge worth) by the fall. It’s hard, learning a new camera that is somewhat lo-tech. The focus range is strange; I can’t figure out the close-up lens that was included. But I am learning, and I am trying, and I am capturing.

Check out my past and present instant photos: