Capturing the Moment

Today was a beautiful day, the kind of day that makes you believe you will experience fall in Memphis. In reality, it is probably one of our few fall days, but I soaked it in while I could. I parked far away from my office so I had a nice walk in. Not only was it a gorgeous walk, but it made me feel more peaceful after battling expressway traffic. I worked half a day, and then walked back to my car. Again, the walk was peaceful, allowing me to decompress from the office and think about the afternoon ahead.

As I drove home, I remembered a car I had seen the day before. It was a classic looking red car, cool enough on its own, but the pleasant surprise was the shock of sunflowers sprouting up from the grass behind it. I turned down the road, hoping the scene was still set up since I had my camera with me today.

It was! I parked and walked around to get some different shots, and the breeze was just right, and the sun was shining, and I had nowhere to be in ten minutes, and I was alone, and it was just that moment. The moments I used to have so many of when I had fewer responsibilities and more time to drive around with my camera in the passenger seat. It sparked something in me, something I wanted to capture and remember and look back on when I need a creative boost.