September Photo Challenge

I haven’t done a photo challenge since I was in my early 20s, and since I’m trying to push myself creatively, it seemed like it was time. Also, September is my birthday month, and when you’re getting older, you realize you need to take advantage of the time you have.

I’m not putting a theme on this month (I used to attempt 365 challenges), just the challenge to take a photo a day. A GOOD photo a day. Something I’m proud of, not something I shot before bed just to get a photo in. I’m hoping this will go well and can be repeated. I usually dedicate at least one month a year to a writing challenge (NaNoWriMo), so why not do the same for other creative outlets?

Today I was consumed by house projects, so finding a good photo was a nice escape. I’m still learning my FujiFilm Instax Camera after being used to a Polaroid 300, so fair warning: a lot of this month’s photos might be instants. I’m aiming to post a weekly round-up every Friday, and you can follow along on Instagram!

I played around with shadows, but never quite got the image I wanted:


I continued experimenting with lighting in a different way – seeing if I could get this little blue glow light to look somewhat alien.

It does look kind of surreal, and I think if I mount it correctly, it could be an  interesting series. (Note: the white image is an overexposed photo from last weekend; the two blue photos are today’s.)


But my favorite photo has to be the lamp. It’s a great lamp anyway, but I’m happy with the composition and focus since I’m still learning, and a lot of my photos are still trial and error.

So much for not having themes for this challenge… It seems like LIGHT was the unofficial theme of the day!