Podcast – Let’s Take Photos!

Photography has always been my passion. It’s the reason I recently started Go Coffee Creative! – to give myself a chance to fall back in love with the medium. On this episode, I think back to how I got started with photography, and where it’s taken me now. Spoiler alert: there is a VERY EXCITING cliff hanger!!!

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My first camera that took 110 film. Not my photo, but yup – that’s the guy!


Examples of my 110 photography. Gallery-worthy! Such a gorgeous landscape with a finger peeking in the corner.

Yes, that is a picture of my favorite ball (Stanley) on the sidewalk. I had a vision!


My first digital camera. I cringe to think how much THIS camera cost me back in the early 2000s!


Taking photos on the job at a baseball training facility.




A sampling of my band photos. More can be seen in my Old Portfolio.

And of course, you can check out various examples of my photography on Flickr.