Character Creation

Podcast – Let’s Develop Characters!

In my second episode with Chris Eaton (check out the previous episode for some background), we work together to develop my first ever Dungeons & Dragons character! Using a fillable character worksheet, Chris and I talk through the mime character I made up last episode and really flesh him out. We talk about how this type of character development helped us with fiction writing assignments in our college years, and how it still helps get our imaginations going now.

(NOTE: I apologize for the quality of this podcast at a point… Chris and I were recording via Skype when my husband and son came in, bringing with them all the noises that two loud guys coming into a house would make. I tried to edit out as much of it as I could, but some interruptions remain. That’s the epitome of this space, though – balancing creativity and life.)

Character Creation

My screen as we created my mime.

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