Podcast – Let’s Get Dyed!

That’s not bad grammar, it’s just what this episode is all about: dyeing! I dyed all the things a couple of years ago, and recently realized how much I love expressing my creativity through that outlet! Cue buying some white cotton garments and getting my hands dirty (in the prettiest way possible)!

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Now, for the behind the scenes action.

I order my dye and garments from Dharma Trading Co. Their prices are right, their dyes are fantastic, and they have instructions on the site for prepping garments and doing different types of dyeing. As far as ordering garments, definitely read the reviews. People are great about describing fit and quality. Some garments are a little thin, being see-through even after you dye them. So read carefully before ordering! All the tops I ordered are great: nice cotton, not see-through, very soft, perfect fit.

Here are some of my previous dye experiments:

Baby blanket

My favorite: the daffodil ring sling I talked about in the podcast.

I tried to do something really amazing with my tie dye ring sling. The colors faded a bit in the wash because I didn’t let it sit in the sun long enough, but it still turned out better than I imagined!

I mentioned dyeing the Ergo I used to wear my baby, also. It was a plain gray one, cute enough, but I wanted to see if it’d turn purple. It took some work, but it was gorgeous! I love that the stars stayed silver.

These are a few of the tops I dyed this time around. They came out pretty cute –
especially since I’d never dyed anything to wear before!