Due to the third worst storm in my city’s history, my house was without electricity for two days. We were lucky it was only two days – some homes still don’t have power. No trees fell on our property. The first day without power was relatively cool and beautiful. It’s (almost) summer, so while the heat the second day was a little uncomfortable, sunlight stretched itself to give us plenty of time to play and read outside.

I thought I would use the time to buckle down and write. Maybe even crank out a short story.

That didn’t happen. But I’m glad. I’m glad I had the chance to unplug and not feel obligated to check my email or be active online. I liked having the whole day open, with no demands on my time beyond reading and spending time with my family.

Catching up with laundry was not-so-fun, and tomorrow is back to the work grind, but the brief break was exactly what I needed.